Last Trip To Hometown


I photographed my family in May 2011 when we travelled all together to our hometown in northeast Syria, Kurdish area, to apply for our first ID ever!  we were  one of thousands Kurdish families in Syria which had their IDs taken from them by the government in 1962.  In April 2011and by presidential decree were finally we were allowed to receive citizenship again and with passports, this decision was made by the Syrian regime  to push Kurdish people to support the regime not the revolution of March 2011. We had to register my grandparents first, their marriage, their 8 kids were all of them were married also by then and finally the grandkids. As if we never been exist before. This project document our moments together as big family. We all stayed at my grandparents house for one week, it never happened before that all of us were together in the village .. and will never happens again.

each pic description to be add ..